School Info

School Information

Alpha International Academy Science and Technology is located at the corner of Van Buren street and south 24th Avenue. The school has adopted an enhanced traditional curriculum with a focus on the science and technology. A unique master schedule provides enrichment opportunities during the school day as well as standards and data driven opportunities for increased academic achievement for students with identified gaps in learning. Parent volunteer hours far exceed the district average for a school this size.

Breakfast and Lunch Information 
Breakfast and lunch service will be available to all students. Alpha International Academy participates in the National School Lunch Program and free or reduced pricing is available to those students who meet the guidelines. Breakfast costs $1.50 and Lunch costs $2.85. Reduced breakfast costs $.30 and reduced lunch costs $.40.

Immunization – It is vitally important for our incoming Kindergarten, and 1st Grade students must have the mandatory immunizations required by the state before the first day of school, August 18th. Section 1003.22 (10a) of the Florida Statutes does not allow kindergarteners to attend school with incomplete immunization documentation. Please do not call our registrar and ask for an extension. She cannot by law allow your child to attend school without the immunization paperwork from your doctor. Please contact your pediatrician to schedule an appointment or contact your local health center for a schedule of free immunizations for families that qualify. 

Medication – The administering or dispensing of any medicines (including non-prescription over-the-counter) to students by employees of Alpha International Academy Science and Technology without specific written authorization by a medical doctor of the student is forbidden. If it is absolutely necessary that the child take any medication while at school, each medication must be accompanied by an Authorization for Medication Form that has been completed and signed by the child’s doctor. The medication, including over the counter medication, will be kept in the main office and will be administered by certified office personnel. 

These five core values govern the implementation of our curriculum and programs


Is there a birthdate requirement for Kindergarten?

A Kindergarten student should be five years old before September 1 of his Kindergarten year.

Does Collegiate offer financial aid?

Financial aid, based on need, is available at all grade levels, K-12. Financial aid includes tuition support as well as consideration for various Collegiate programs that enrich the experience of the student and encourage the participation of his family in the life of the school.

Is tuition all-inclusive?

The Admissions Office will call to schedule an applicant visit and parent interview after the application is received and filed. Applicants to Grades 1-4 may contact the Admissions Office regarding opportunities for enrollment. Appointments are scheduled only when there is an opportunity for enrollment in the grade.

When do decision letters go out?

As a member of ISAAGNY, Collegiate subscribes to the following notification dates: Kindergarten: Friday, February 7 Grades 1-8: Tuesday, February 4 Grades 9-12: Thursday, February 13

Lower School Application Process

Parents of applicants to Kindergarten – Grade 4 tour the school in small groups. To schedule a parent tour (offered September – January) submit a Tour Request.

If applying for financial aid –

File the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) with the School and Student Services By NAIS ( Collegiate.

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Dynamic educational community

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