Getting Involved
The school requires that parents volunteer for 30 hours of service to the school each academic year. It is our belief that once parents become involved they will want to do more than twenty hours. Volunteer activities will be as diverse as the professions and vocational backgrounds of our parent constituency. Activities will range from office clerical work to editorial and artistic services; organizing and hosting school events; fundraising; chaperoning field trips and numerous other activities.

School Advisory Council
The purpose of the Council is to serve in an advisory capacity, and to provide a forum to facilitate communication among the AIA parents, teachers, Hollywood community, and administration, as related to school-wide issues, in an atmosphere of due process, cooperation, and trust. The following committees were created in specialized areas that may concern you most. The concerns will be presented to the School Advisory Council and Administration. We value your participation. Meetings are held once a month at 6:00pm. For more information, contact Christopher Repcik at

PTA meetings are scheduled for the 2nd Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m.


Ms. Pierre

I have two kids who went to Alpha this year. They are so happy with their teachers and the staff and so am I.

Mrs. Cabello-Millla

I love the small classes and the dedication of the teachers. Every year my daughter is getting so much better academic ally. Everything is great. I am so happy and this is my daughter’s third year at Alpha.

Christopher Repcik

I was a little concerned choosing a first year charter school over a more established school to handle the education of my son. He is a student who needs more attention than others despite being a very bright kid. When I went to the very first open house and met with the Board of Directors I was sold. There was a group of dedicated professionals who wanted to give back to the community. Most had an impressive educational background, and all were highly educated professionals (PhD s, CPA s, Lawyers, and Architects). I have watched my son improve over the last year with pride and am truly glad for the choice my family made to enroll in AIA. I hope he will continue to grow with the school. I have high expectations for both him and the school, and I am confident they will both achieve great things.

Mrs. Francois

Alpha International Academy is a great school. I chose to take a leap of faith to enroll my daughter in a first year charter school after having a bad experience with the local public school. My daughter is advanced for her grade level and during her kindergarten year, her teacher did not challenge her enough and my concerns were pushed under the carpet. I am very pleased with her progress this year. The staff and administration care tremendously for the students and goes above and beyond to make sure they excel to their maximum potential No matter what concern I had, the administration and teachers took the time to not only listen but to address those concerns as well. I am looking forward to her remaining years with AIA (and will definitely be sad when the time comes for her to move on).